SpitFire (2D scrolling shooter game)

SpitFire is a scrolling shooter video game.

SpitFire is my first game and it was created using Unity3D. With a few additions, like the blue shield, I tried to maintain the original feeling as much as I could.

About the Game

Viewing from a top-down perspective, the player flies a fighter jet over a river in a raid behind enemy lines. The player scores points for shooting enemy tankers (30 pts), helicopters (60 pts), fuel depots, jets and bridges. A bridge acts as checkpoint and replenishes the fuel.

The player's jet refuels when it touches a fuel depot. A tiny bridge marks the end of a level. The player's jet crashes if it collides with the riverbank or an enemy craft. If the player's jet runs out of fuel, it crashes. Assuming fuel can be replenished, and the player evades damage, gameplay is essentially unlimited. Unlike other scrolling shooters, there is little or no enemy fire in SpitFire (enemy fire perhaps to be added in future editions). Also, the player's jet cannot maneuver up and down the screen, only left and right. It can, however, accelerate and decelerate.

Try it

Spitfire is available for free at Google Play Store.

Assets used:
Artwork: "A Freighter Under German Air Attack" Artist: Schmidt-Effenberger

You can watch a demo below.