TokiCMS is designed as a lighter, faster alternative to some of the traditional feature heavy CMS applications. It is easy to use and is designed to provide you with all the features you need for a full featured website right out of the box.

With an extensive default feature set, there is no need to install a lot of additions to get your site up and running.

Multi Sites

Connect and control completely independent TokiCMS sites, even those on different hosts and servers. There is no need to install a plugin on every site you want to control from your main dashboard. Just add a new site, copy its settings and upload the settings file to your new site.

TokiCMS Site Manager Page
The Site manager. The red "X" means that there was a connection error at that time. The [PHP Code] will give you the needed values for the "settings.php" file.


Create a multilingual site and translate posts, pages, categories, post tags and menus. Choose languages for your site and start translating content.

Multiple Blogs

Create multiple blogs on one TokiCMS website. Each blog can have its own theme and categories (tags are global). Membergroups can also be assigned to each blog, so you can control who can view this blog's posts.

Easy To Theme

With TokiCMS it is really easy to have a theme without knowing any programming language. Themes can have a function file to add extra functionality to your site and their options settings. Below is a screenshot of the options editor for themes.

TokiCMS Theme Options

Discussion Board

You can have a minimalist, modern forum that you can place anywhere on your TokiCMS website. The Discussion Board tool is designed to be as user friendly as possible. It is very simple to setup and get it up and running. You can run multiple forums at once, support images and video, a follow topic tool, more complex navigation and categorization and a few other tools you might find useful. With multilinguan mode enabled, you can have different forum for your languages.

Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon

You can set a maintenance page that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance, or add a coming soon page for a new website. Users with admin rights gets full access to the blog including the front end.

TokiCMS Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon

SEO Friendly

Clean URLs, meta canonical, meta description, snippets, Automatic XML Sitemap, Robots.txt, Redirection manager, Schema & Structured Data and many other tools for making your blog posts and product pages stand out. News and Video Sitemaps are also supported.

GDPR Cookie Consent Notice

You can have a simple cookie notice with Accept and Reject options and a "Read More" url. The cookies are not rendered by default and only upon user consent. You can translate its options for each language if you have multiple language enabled.

Video Playlists

You can create unlimited video playlists. Each playlist works like a category, you assign the posts you want for a playlist and you then you can have a list of the videos ready for use. Demo coming soon.

Membership & Content Restriction

Create user roles and restrict content on your website. This gives you full control over who can and who cannot view or create content on your TokiCMS site.

Auto Media Embedder

Automatically embed tweets, youtube videos, pins from Pinterest, Amazon products, Sheets from Google Drive, Pastebin, Reddit threads, Spotify songs and much more. You can control which website you want to convert.

TokiCMS Auto Embed Mode


TokiCMS can automatically post content from any other site at a predefined interval using your chosen keywords and sources and keep your website fresh and updated without human intervention. Autoblog runs in the background and does not affect the user experience.


Retrieve or update data from the database with a simple HTTP request. You can have multiple API keys with different access level and data.

Custom Post Formats and Attributes

You can have custom post formats and many post attributes. Attributes can be used if you want a comparison between posts.

TokiCMS Custom Post Formats and Attributes

AMP Support

Automatically add Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project) functionality on your TokiCMS site. AMP helps you build sites that are fast and beautiful.


TokiCMS has tools to help you secure your site, including:

  • Cryptographic hash
  • Enable/disable user registrations
  • Temporarily disable user logins
  • Add Google reCaptcha to your forms (login, register. comments, forgot password). Supports reCAPTCHA versions:
    - Version 3
    - Version 2 – checkbox
  • “Brute Force Login Attack” protection, with the Login Lockdown feature. Users with a certain IP address or range will be locked out of the system for a predetermined amount of time based on the configuration settings and you can also choose to be notified via system logs whenever somebody gets locked out due to too many login attempts.
  • Admins can view failed login attempts which show the user’s IP address, User ID/Username and Date/Time of the failed login attempt.
  • You can set a custom Admin URL, eg : www.mysite.com/my-admin-url222/
  • With multisites mode, you can even have a site for administration only. For instanse, you can set a site like "myhiddenurl.mysite.com" and control every other site from there.

...and much more!

There are so many features that can't be listed here. You have to test it for yourself to see if TokiCMS suit your needs. We will continue to support this script and improve it in due time.

TokiCMS is brought to you by BadTooth with love.