TokiCMS is a CMS that I started building a long time ago.

However, at some point I decided to stop it, since such a project took a long time and so I decided to develop a plugin for Bludit, which would do what I needed for my sites.

However, Bludit was quite limited by what I needed, so I decided to keep developing my original idea, or rather, start over. Thus TokiCMS was born.

About TokiCMS

TokiCMS is a open source CMS, prioritizes simplicity and speed written in PHP.


TokiCMS have many features. Below I will mention some of them, the full list can be found here.

  • Admin panel
  • Multilanguage Support for posts, pages, tags and categories
  • Translation for members names, bio. Also any user can have different list of social media for each language
  • Categorization with tags (multi tags support)
  • Static pages (you can use a page as a frontpage instead of the classic blog)
  • Meta canonical, description, and rich snippets for SEO
  • Pagination
  • Author page
  • Membership & Content Restriction. Create user roles and restrict content on your website. This gives you full control over who can and who cannot view or create content on your TokiCMS site.
  • Multi sites support. Connect and control completely independent TokiCMS sites, even those on different hosts and servers.
  • Multi author support
  • Social links with the ability to have different list for each language
  • Internal/Forum Commenting System
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Per post navigation (previous and next post)
  • Easy theming
  • RSS Feed
  • Sitemap and news sitemap support
  • AMP theme support for posts/pages
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Ad Manager
  • Import content from WordPress, Blogger, Bludit.


PHP 7.2+
allow_url_fopen On
cURL 7.19.4+
mbstring On
Ability to Chmod 777 folders
MySQL database
Optional Cron Jobs for the sitemap and RSS Feeds

Example websites:

Here is a list of a few websites using TokiCMS:

I will continue to support this script and improve it in due time, any recommendations you can drop below, I may look and consider them but it doesn't mean they'll be added.